Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby girls vs. baby boys

A week ago, TIME ran an article which featured the results of a study conducted at Queen’s University in Ontario. Basically, the study concluded that women want daughters and men want sons. Since the survey primarily consisted of the responses from 2,387 undergraduate Canadian students between the ages of 17 and 22 (three quarters of whom were females), I don't consider the findings credible. So, since we're dealing with a silly survey, I will give my silly generalizations as to why I (if I were the "breeding type") would NOT want a daughter.


I actually do prefer little boys. Why?
Here are just a few reasons...

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For a boy, it's a snap. One buzz cut. Bam, you're done.

Girls borderline require their parents to become professional hairstylists since they usually don't go for the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt look. Curls, french braids, pig tails, twists, barrettes, and fancy bows... and, inevitably, hair coloring, perms, and curling irons. Ugh. Doing my own hair is trouble enough (which is why I pull it back in a ponytail practically everyday and had a pixie cut years ago), so why would I want another head to mess with?!!

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Yes, some boys can be passionate about fashion, but, in general, their clothing concerns don't come close to girls' wardrobe drama. When boys are little, dressing them is insanely easy. Shirt. Pants. Done. Even better is the fact that, in many clothing stores, the color selection for boys' attire is limited, which makes for a much quicker and brainless shopping experience.

Girls and clothing = scary.
Proven fact.

Homecoming and Prom
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A guy needs one rental tux and to dust off the one pair of dress shoes he's had since entering puberty.

Girls need... to drag their mothers to a million malls in search of the perfect dress and then to drag them to another million malls to find the perfect shoes to match the perfect dress and then to ANOTHER million malls to find the perfect purse to match the perfect shoes to match the perfect dress... all of which will likely never see the light of day after their special night is over.

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Not having to explain the messy surprise of her "monthly friend," not having to teach her how to wear make-up (which I barely wear myself), and not having to endure giggly slumber parties (boys just "hang out") are just a few more reasons for my gender preference. However, in the end, I think that simply having a healthy child would be the main priority since all... 

"Children are a gift from the Lord"
(Psalm 127:3)


  1. I personally always wanted a boy too!

  2. I've actually always wanted boys as well. Girls talk all the time! Though in the end you're right, healthy in general is the best part.

  3. As I'm extremely pro-life I completely accepted that whatever I was carrying was perfect for us. We have four adult children - two boys first and then two girls, and they have broken all the stereotypes. I am 100% again sex selection, because not only is it murder but will backfire to Society's detriment, in fact it has already.

  4. I wanted a girl but realized soon after getting pregnant that i new nothing about being a girl or at least a girlie girl so was very happy to get a boy. I know how and what to do with boys. bring on the legos and toy trucks