Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reactions to recent headlines

Tornado season comes every year, yet it never fails to horrify. Seeing the images of ravaged towns throughout Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, and the South wearied the soul. And finding out that Missouri got hit again after the Joplin devastation of 2011, was almost beyond belief. Thankfully, in Branson's case, there were no fatalities, but, unfortunately, tornado season has just begun.

(Photograph by The National Guard from Flickr)

Now that they've been punished, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Saints will fare this season. If the Colts crashed and burned last year due to the lack of quarterback leadership, I imagine that the demise of the Saints will be even more epic with the removal of their head coach and defensive coordinator and the temporary sidelining of their assistant coach and general manager. The only question is which team will get caught next?


Today, the British newspaper The Guardian asked if the Hunger Games is the new Twilight. My response: Who knows and who cares? Actually, I suppose that millions of people do, but since I have absolutely zero interest in reading or seeing either series, it is impossible for me to give a fair assessment. I'm simply not that into the cinema or fiction literature.

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A bead-encrusted Volkswagen Beetle is currently on display at the National Museum of the American Indian. The vehicle is called the "Vochol," a name which combines that of the car and the ethnicity of the Mexican artisans: Huichol. Since the Museum is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, I could easily go check it out on my lunch break, but why would I do that when this nifty slideshow is available?

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  1. People tell me that they don't know how I can live in California with all the earthquakes. The truth is, we haven't had a major earthquake in almost 20 years. What I don't understand is how people can live in the mid-west where tornadoes happen ALL THE TIME. Scary stuff.

    The Hunger Games is not the new Twilight. It is so much better than Twilight.