Monday, March 12, 2012

Time's a wastin'

We all occasionally find ourselves tripped up by a "time-waster." A time-waster is something that you indulge in which has no intrinsic value, adds no meaning to your life, but quickly becomes an obsession nonetheless. The fascination may last for only a few days, a few weeks or even a few months and brings a fleeting sense of happiness and/or satisfaction. However, the maddening part about the whole situation is that you can't figure out why it brings you delight. Especially since you know it's a ridiculous squandering of valuable minutes that you will never get back and pulls you away from legitimate activities... like your job, cooking or the laundry.

My former time-wasters include watching shows like Project Runway and Design Star and playing online games like Bejeweled 2. Concerning the former, I lost interest when the winning designers became mediocre and downright forgettable. I mean, really, can anyone recall successful alumni from those shows besides Christian Siriano and David Bromstad? Yep, that's what I thought. It's kind of like how nobody can remember the names of American Idol winners from the past five years or find one of their songs on a top ten (or even top 40) music chart.

Concerning Bejeweled, when one of my playing sessions reached an hour and four minutes, I knew I needed help. And that's all I will say about that.

One of my friend's new time-waster is Pinterest, which I, for the life of me, can't understand. My mother and I spoke about it briefly last week and still couldn't figure out the purpose of assembling pictures of favorite things on a virtual tack board. Based on what I've been told about the site, I think that the above definition explains it perfectly.

(Seriously, can someone explain the point of Pinterest?)


  1. Sorry, I cannot explain idiocy of the masses. Pinterest, schpinterest. I have no interest.

    My time waster is Block Puzzle and Forty Thieves solitaire.

  2. OMG i am so hooked on Words with Friends and bejeweled it not even funny i need serious help that's all

  3. Haha I have some bejewled issues also.
    As for pinterest - at first I thought it was pointless/stupid, however I honestly do try out some of the recipes that I've pinned! I also pin a lot of pictures of cute animals, dream holiday destinations, and things that make me laugh, which are great to look at if I'm in a bad mood. So in those ways I think it's helpful, however overall still mostly a time sucker.

  4. Pinterest is fun, but I haven't become obsessed with it like a lot of other people have. I'll see things on occasion, but the only things I pin are things I have an actual intention of using at some point.